go fuck urself

nodoby f-cking likes you.
person 1: ur ugly
person 2: go f-ck urself

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  • with that sh*t

    “i’m about it” person 1: you want daddy to tie you up baby? person 2: i’m with that sh-t 😛

  • slaght

    slay-te verb 1. to get so incredibly baked that you leave the earths atmosphere, and can be spotted floating around the andromeda system. “it’s been a long week and i am just going to go home and slaght myself tonight.”

  • yoggin

    ratchet hoe. trampy. someone who is wack or out of line. bruh you straight yoggin right now

  • slopy handjob

    a handjob which is very sh-t and dosent feel very nice also the person doing it is usually clawed kiera kiera gives slopy handjob

  • sadeen

    sadeen is someone who is very sweet, but can be rude if needed. sadeens are gorgeous have an att-tude and help others. she’s funny and she’s lit. oh you heard of sadeen? she’s so funny.

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