1) the larval form of the antlion (also spelled ant lion), also known as a backward bug or backwards bug. it is a true insect.

2) the pill bug (a crustacean, not an insect- order: isopoda). its various species are found all over the world. english slang names include: roly poly (spelled many ways), doodlebug, woodlouse, woodbug, armadillo bug, ball bug, bowling ball bug, hardy back, potato bug, slater, chuggy pig, butcher boy, carpenter, cheesybug, cheeselog, daddy gamfer (also spelled daddy gampfer), beetle bug, and granny grey. the most common slang names in america are roly poly and doodlebug.

3) the sow bug (also a crustacean in the order isopoda), which looks much like the pillbug, except it can’t roll up. it has some of the same slang names as the pill bug.
1) the child dropped an ant into the doodlebug’s pit, and watched in facination as the sand monster grabbed it.

2) the doodlebugs rolled up into tiny b-lls each time the children flicked them with their fingers.

3) maxie caught a doodlebug that couldn’t roll up.
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a girl with puffy cheeks!

ex: i bet you that doodle-bug can hide 14 acorns in her cheeks!!
british nickname given to the german v-1 flying bomb weapon during wwii.
she died in a doodlebug raid on london in 1944.
1/ someone who doodles on their school notes.
2/ a pet name for a cute blue-eyed, blond-haired boy
1/ the doodlebug next to me drew sweet pictures of eyeb-lls and skulls on my chem notes.
2/ jonny is a doodlebug.
although it is used to describe an ant lion who builds conical mounds to trap it’s prey and the dung beetle who lays its eggs in little b-lls of cow pies then rolls them backwards to who knows where, oilfield workers know this term as describing a person who is in the oil exploration business. mainly seismic crews.
“some doodlebugs use dynamite to find oil and others use vibrators”. “those d-mn doodleb-gg-rs tore up my cottonfield with their trucks again”
a jerk; -sshole; rude person; anyone acting on ill intent
this f-cking doodlebug was about to blow right through that stop sign!

don’t talk to that ginger, she’s a doodlebug.
(n) an ant-lion, an insect larva that digs conical pits in order to trap ants.
morty liked to drop ants into doodlebug pits.

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