dope dick

when you can lay it down so good that she gets addicted
man i just gave that new b-tch the dope d-ck and now she won’t stop texting me!
when you are h-rny, but it is nearly impossible to -j-c-l-t- due to opiate depressants.
i was late because those painkillers gave me dope d-ck, and it took me an hour and a half to jerk off.
when a guy is having s-x after snorting heroin,his p-n-s is rock hard,but even after hours of s-x he cant c-m

the opposite of c-ke d-ck
he had dope d-ck with her last night
taking meth or heroine and having your p-n-s rock hard for hours without being able to -j-c-l-t-.
“girl i got that dope d-ck, now come here let me dope you.”

-lil wayne
when an individual consumes excess amounts of marijuana to the point where his p-n-s is unable to become erect.
example 1) yo i got dope d-ck g

example 2) hoe 1: yeah i tried to f-ck c-gramms the other night but he had dope d-ck

hoe 2: gutted bo, learn to suck sum mo d-ck

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