something that is completely random
wow that guy said something dosimeter

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  • missing

    the act in which something gets lost. such as 89 million being spent on pogba who then gets lost within inches of gr-ss. pogba has been missing for several weeks. pleasuring yourself at the thought of a distant partner i was missing you again earlier 1)to not have information of some kind or used when […]

  • dr seuss p*n*s

    a p-n-s that is so f-cked that it looks like it could be in a dr. seuss book. girl, that guy i f-cked last night had a dr. seuss p-n-s; it was f-cked!

  • mikle

    tall skinny kid with gl-sses that gives everyone the vibe that he’s about to pull out a glock and start shooting. has few friend and doesn’t know how to talk to girls. person 1: d-mn who’s that sketchy kid in the corner talking to himself? person 2: that’s mikle, don’t provoke him we don’t know […]

  • umarji

    a mad puller and s-xy basket will forever be rich best of all… wish i could be an umarji

  • crook as rookwood

    crook is australian slang for feeling sick as in, “i’m feelin’ real crook, mate.” it can also mean something that is distasteful as in, “that’s crook!” rookwood cemetery is located in sydney, australia, so something must be real bad or rotten to say it’s as crook as rookwood. “mate, seriously, she was as crook as […]

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