double d

a girl with size dd br–sts.
i got a double d waitin’ at the tree for me.
the skinny nerdy kid with a black sock over his head in ‘ed edd and eddy’ the cartoon show on cartoon network
eddy: double d, look, jawbreakers!
edd aka double d: eddy its too expensive we can never afford it!
ed: b-tter toast
when a girl has a big sized chest.
i have big double d’s.
a breast size that most men seem to believe are enormous basketball t-ts. in reality, the size of the breast depends on the size of the woman. but they are larger than a handful. even for people with behemoth hands.
you banged a double d? her t-ts must have been huge!

no, actually, they weren’t like, the size of my head or anything. but there were larger than a handful, in spite of my behemoth hands.
what all girls should have
where are my double d’s?
slang for a woman who has huge br–sts, refering to the size of her bra: d being the largest size.

“d-mn shes got some fine double ds and not to bad of an -ss either”
1. huge b–bs, often in reference to size “d” cups

2. c-ssie nelson (though see is the only one who calls herself that, lol)
1. brad: look at those huge -ss t-ts!
joe: those have gotta be double d’s!

2. c-ssie: yeah everyone just calls me double d’s
everyone else: hey arent you the one who buys 8-b-lls and goes through them in a day?

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