Double Flusher

#1. to take a cr-p so big that your pants fit better.
#2. to cr-p a t-rd so big, one end is sticking out of the water.
#3. to cr-p so big around you have to break it up with the plunger and flush twice.
#4. when you take a cr-p that stinks so bad, you give a courtesy flush half way though. this act cuts down on the room aroma.
hey dude, i sh-t a double flusher so big, i heard my b-tt cheeks slap together when the pointed end came out.
a sh-t so immense that a single flush is insufficient to fully clear the bowl, therefore requiring one to flush the toilet twice.

a cr-p so m-ssive that it requires two flushes to cleanse the throne.
whew! that double flusher wore me out! red beans and rice do it to me every time.
when one takes a sh-t so large it requires two flushes to completely get rid of the sh-t and any evidence of its existence.
john had mcdonald’s for breakfast, taco bell for lunch, and had to take a double flusher before we even got to dinner.”
when just one flush is not enough to get the job done!
dude, it must have been that late night taco stand, i had a serious double-flusher this morning. i’m just sayin…….

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