pr-nunciation: \ˈdr-ahm\
function: verb
inflected form(s): dramned; dramn·ing \ˈdra-miŋ\
etymology: rooted in the word d-mn, which comes from middle english dampnen, from anglo-french dampner, from latin d-mnare, from d-mnum damage, loss, fine. combined with middle english dreem, from old english drēam noise, joy, and old norse draumr dream; akin to old high german troum dream. first used on falmouth avenue in playa del rey, california – formerly the california republic.
date: september 2009

1: a dream that incites a feeling within the dreamer – often of anger, guilt, or anguish towards an individual in which they have no responsibility
the dramn was the reason she was angry with him when they awoke after a peaceful evening.

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