that one guy who asks for advice but never follows it. one who is constantly up your -ss asking questions about irrelevant things.
why arent you listening to my advice. d-mn you’re being such a drewedler!

don’t invite him over, he’s such a drewdler.

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  • chocolate geyser

    an effect caused by inserting “mentos” and diet soda up ones -rs-. very distant cousin to b-tt chugging wow! thay dude got so hammered last night that we paid him $20 bucks to shove mentos and diet soda up his -ss! it was a total chocolate geyser in the living room!

  • piddlefinger

    piddlefingering is where one urinates on their fingers. hey mary, i’m gonna go piddlefinger myself in the bathroom.

  • mikayia

    most beautiful girl deserves a great boyfriend brown hair brown eyes athletic likes to try new things mikayia means beautiful

  • cotton d*cking

    wrapping a cloth around the p-n-s for a none traditional hand job. sue wrapped the corner of the sheets around greg’s p-n-s for some harmless cotton d-cking.

  • cedar lane sizzler

    the burn from sitting on your tractor in the nude. hopped on the farmall in the buff and gave myself a cedar lane sizzler.

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