Dry Bud

Definition: The word Dry Bud often refers to marijuana leafs that have sat for too long and are now dry.

Usage: That’s some dry bud you got there.

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Drying Marijuana buds properly is essential for producing a good crop. Learn the different ways to dry Cannabis and choose the best way for your needs.


Drying Marijuana is an underrated process but it’s completely essential for the final result of the crops; drying Marijuana buds properly ensures a good crop, drying Marijuana buds improperly ensures a poor crop. That’s why the process of how one dries Marijuana is so important.


To get the best results, drying Marijuana buds carefully is required; there’s no skimping on quality here and no fast-drying methods. If excellence is the goal, dry Marijuana slowly and carefully. However, if you’re desperate to smoke and willing to taste your crop, keep reading. We have the best tricks for faster Marijuana drying with the best possible results.


How to dry weed fast? If you’re a creative person, there some options to look into on your own; drying methods can include resin and THC. THC can be degraded when reaching 130 degrees which is why you have to make sure you look into a method that heats the Marijuana below 130 degrees. If you don’t, Marijuana will lose its psychoactive properties. Here are some popular options.

  • Fan, Car Heating, PC Fan

Generally, any type of fan is a good option. Proper Marijuana drying doesn’t provide direct air to the buds so for fast drying, direct air is one of the best options; warm air provides faster drying (you can use your laptop’s fan because of the warm air it emits). The car’s heating system can also be used to dry Marijuana which can help the buds with the hot airflow. Whichever option you choose, make sure you cover the buds with a newspaper, napkin, or even tissue.

  • Brown Paper

Regular brown paper bags can help with faster results. Put the smallest buds inside and use them with the methods mentioned above. So for example, put the buds in the brown paper bag and then put the bag in front of a fan or your car’s heater; try to move the buds consistently so they dry properly; you don’t want to have anything be damp. 

  • Boiler Room

If you have access to a boiler room this is a great option. Boiler rooms provide a quicker drying time since there’s reduced humidity and moisture; the buds can dry in about three days. Again, you might not get excellent results, but if you’re looking for fast options, this is a good one. 

  • Drying In The Sun

This is an old, traditional method from ancient times that can be applied here. Drying Marijuana in the sun is popular amongst places like Morocco and India but if you’re around the sun, again, this is a good option. Dry your Marijuana in dry, hot, and most of all, sunny places, to ensure everything is dried and nothing is damp; you don’t want bacteria to produce and you don’t want fungal pests which would slower drying time. Drying in the sun is corrosive for the resin, so it affects the quality of the final product, so keep that in mind. The sun and heat can degrade THC but can dry the buds really fast which ensures you can smoke in as little as a few days.

Methods To Avoid

The mentioned methods are corrosive for the crop, but as mentioned, there are worse ways to do it which makes it even more harmful for the quality of the final product. As an example, putting Marijuana in the microwave (or oven) is a popular occurrence, but bad to do so. The heat kills the cannabinoids which create a much lower quality tasting product; you’ll have a burning-taste with disappointing effects.

Making Extractions

A very good option is actually making extractions. Extractions are made with tender and immature buds which creates the ideal method and ensures you skip the drying process. Extractions can provide an exceptional quality product and most often, stronger than the buds with higher cannabinoid concentrations (complex processes and pretty expensive professional equipment).

If you want to be an expert cannabis consumer, we suggest reading up and getting informed on making your own extractions (Wax, Shatter). Everything you need to know can be found in our post about Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and extractions. The results will wow even the most demanding consumer–quality material on the first cropping day.


This has been a brief overview of some of the most popular methods for fast Marijuana drying – if you have a better method, contact us or leave a comment on our blog. We hope this post is helpful to you.

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