duality of man

the intuitive and psychological confusing nature of mankind to be twofold. the state of being in two qualities.
the duality of man to destroy itself:
“in order for peace, you must prepare for war.”
1. a description one uses when confroned by a work of art believed to be scholarly or otherwise good, when in fact, it is cr-p.

2. a way to make your friends feel good about their artwork.

3. can also be extended to the non-art world, esp. when an attempt to be scholarly fails completly.
1. this fountain, as you can see, is a prime example of how the duality of man is witnessed through modern artwork.

2. wow, your painting really shows the duality of man.

3. quit showing off the duality of man and shut the h-ll up!
sh-t people say when they become bipolar but don’t realize it yet
i popped a molly on 420 a few weeks ago and lately i’ve been thinking a lot about the duality of man dude. i’m like two different persons now.

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