dunce cap redemption

“dunce cap redemption” is the art of still managing to hook up with someone despite an obvious injury on your face, mostly likely occurring after a night of drinking. for example, a black eye from falling, or your best friend punching you. or a head injury from getting scr-ped by a wall or tree branch. it requires great courage to express interest in a girl knowing she’s looking at the stupid–ss self inflicted marks on your face, and winning her over in spite of looking like a dumb -sshole is a significant event. it doesn’t wash away your recent stupidity, but it sure does increase your confidence.
bro #1: “bro, is justin really going home with her despite that gnarly wound on his face?”
bro #2: ” dunce cap redemption at its finest”.

bro #3: he’s still a dumb-ss though”

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