a derogatory term for when a person says or does something stupid.
jenna: “why did they delete their pictures of each other?”
brian: “they broke up you dur.”
1)a replacement of “no sh-t” or “duh”

2)an expression showing that something someone said is obvious
liz: katy definitly likes brad.
jamie: well, dur! she sent him 3 love letters!

jackie: what’s the capital of wyoming?
doug: jackie, we just learned that in cl-ss today. you can figure it out.
jackie: uhm…cheyenne?
doug: dur.
1. a form of the commonly used word, “duh”.
2. a common response to an obvious statement
from the movie “saving silverman”

jack black: “judith’s getting away!”
his friend: “dur!”
a. replaces “no sh-t”
b. replaces “duh!”
uhh, dur, everyone knows that!
durs used s-xting(like phone s-x for texting) which means “d-mn u r s-xy”
text1: durs shorty
text1 reply: i know i am boo
the response to a extremely stupid statement.dur goes without saying.
ryan,i just shot myself!!!
an expression used to describe someone who is bl–dy simple and slow-witted.
tarquin: oh, scrivens! i have just spent 20 pounds on this 10 pound note.

algernon: you f-cking dur.
a)an insult used to show stupidity

b)someone that shows you how much more stupid people really are, than what you thought they were.

c)another way of calling someone a dumb sh-t or saying no sh-t.
mom: bush is recruiting more soldiers for the war

darci(me): what a dur…

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