dusty dude

a guy who is professionally unemployed, brags about how much he has (cars, money, property, etc) but cannot produce the proof of his “so called” possessions. he usually has an unsuspecting, naive, gullible girlfriend, partner or friend who has totally brought into his lies. because this person has no job, he usually sits around playing video games all day smoking weed (or vapor pipes) and has no ambition to do anything with his life other than live off of his previously mentioned unsuspecting, naive, gullible girlfriend, partner or friends. he usually seeks to be the center of attention wherever he goes and lies so much that he seriously believes his own lies.
me: when is that dusty dude going to get off your couch and get a job?

unsuspecting, naive, gullible girlfriend: he has a job, but he told me that his boss gave him the rest of the month off because of all the hard work that he was doing.

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