“d-mn” pr-nounced with a withering polskie accent
you want to go to the radiohead concert and i don’t give a dyam about those depressive british lunatics
another word for best player
i am dyam at this game

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  • tae’leur

    a bad, beautiful, hardworking b-tch tae’leur works so hard.

  • take a dip in the river

    to have s-x with a woman whilst she’s on her period. “not tonight babe, i’m on my period” “it’s fine to take a dip in the river, but i wouldn’t drink from it”

  • devonse

    devonse is a shy and mysterious man. he consist of having a bright smile and an amazing personality. devonse’s are very unique. devonse is very caring.

  • big ree

    when youre so triggered a regular reee just isn’t enough i got so triggered that i let out a big ree.

  • jet ski legend

    any legend who can ride a jet ski for longer then an hour without getting tired out. that kid definitely is not a jet ski legend, he complained the entire time and stopped after 45 minutes because his thumb hurt.

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