noun. the type of lesbian whose ident-ty is founded on the stereotypical imagery and practices of the common bull dyk-. occasionally referred to by the mature bull dyk- as a “baby dyk-“, they often feel as though they have something to demonstrate to the public. (s)he may find it important to continuously remind her facebook friends of her dyk-bian status by posting images of her latest roller derby captioned with her alias “c-ntness evermean”, or sharing the urban dictionary definition of dyk-bian in profound outrage at the patriarchy and misogyny that is so blatantly obvious in the world but that no one seems to acknowledge.

the mature bull dyk- may feel a sense of maternal instinct or may simply be irritated by the dyk-bian’s coming of age.
hey did you see ____’s latest roller derby photos on facebook? they make her look like such a dyk-bian.

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