East Hastings

the worst neighborhood in vancouver unquestionably. starts from about clark st. until main st (where it turns into west hastings, a decent business area), the northern border of chinatown and just south of the port. an uncomfortable place to be anytime where it’s unusual to not see someone doing hard drugs on the sidewalk or stumbling around in cloth that doesn’t qualify as clothes.
a main route from the tri-city suburbs and nothern burnaby into the downtown core.
let’s go give out blankets on east hastings.
east hastings is the poorest neighbourhood in canada. the streets are overrun with drug addicts (who have no problem with shooting up in the street) and prost-tutes. this neighbourhood is not for the faint of heart. it isn’t overall that dangerous, there is a h-ll of a lot worse places then east hastings. but when there you should keep on your toes and watch your back. the media really exagerates how bad it is there. it is also the oldest neighbourhood in vancouver, if junkies, pandhandlers, and prost-tutes don’t frighten or anger you then east hastings is the place to be.
mike: want to go to east hastings?
bill: no way, i don’t feel like getting shot.
mike: don’t be closeminded, only way you will get shot there is if you f-ck with the wrong people.
not only is it a name of a pretty bad place in british columbia, it is also the name of a powerful post-rock song by the band g-dspeed you! black emperor.
dude 1: dude, you want to listen to gy!be?
dude 2: sure, how about east hasting?
dude 1: definitely, it’s my favorite.

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