a very s-xy boy which girls cant stay away from. he f-ck girl so hard they squirt.no girl can resist efraim. he has a monster sized p-n-s which girls love to suck on and bounce on.a term used to describe intelligent, well-groomed african american males. efraims are typically well-read, athletic, and good-natured. most will go on to college and hold fulfilling, well-paid jobs.

efraims typically marry in their mid-late twenties and devote their lives to raising children.
as soon as efraim entered the room, a group of girls surrounded him and touched him, hoping to absorb his awesomeness.innes doesn’t like efraim because he loves him and hates him.

efraim is so awesome, he pwn’d chuck norris.

efraim dead s-xy.someone who is very attractive, a real go getter. always has many friends that are girls. very funny, and most commonly is a hot italian with a huge p-n-s.
d-mn, i wish i could be like efraim.beautiful, intelligent and s-xy male, known for their genius and good looks.
when something is good. great, awesome. exceptional. cool. efraim is awesome. efrai just f-cked reecca and he has a m-ssive d-ck she says.

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