1. a person who is considered intellectually gifted in the field of academics. “egghead” is usually used as college-speak to describe a brainiac.

2. a person’s whose head is shaped like an egg.

most people however, will use this word interchangeably as a pun. it has also been known that people whose heads are shaped like an egg are usually large at the top, which explains the larger brain-size.
jackie will probably do well in that phd program. she has always been known to be a bit of an egghead from elementary school all the way through college.
what mrs humpty dumpty gives to mr dumpty
mrs humpty was o.t.r so she gave mr humpty egghead
an overly intellectual person; someone who thinks too much.
charles can’t order lunch without using an algebraic formula — what an egg head!
a very intelligent person.
“ihab didn’t make very good grades in school, but his sister, reham, was a real egghead.”
a person who is believed to have an iq of a rock on this earth. meaning they are stupid.
rick: yo james

james: -awkwardly stares at rick-

rick: uh, h-llo james are you gonna respond?

james: -still is on complete silence-

rick: oh that’s right, james is an egg head. oops
some 1 with a large egg shaped head
adam oakes
a nickname for one who has an egg shaped head, usually immense in size, other names consist of egg nog, big head, and “wow”
tripp is known as egg head because of the immense size of his head

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