Eiffel Prospect

the “eiffel prospect” defined:

everyone knows by now what the eiffel tower is, and if you dont, you can probably find it on this site. why not define the step before getting to the tower itself? not every girl you see is just going to be down for an eiffel tower. you most likely will not get a high cl-ss girl, or one of good faith to let the eiffel tower be performed on her, unless you are and your buddy are straight up pimps which does happen, or she is so f-cked up she that she couldnt care less. more than likely you’ll have to find an “eiffel prospect.” an eiffel prospect wont be the hottest girl around, nor the smartest, but she’ll be down for whatever. don’t go looking for a bs f-ck like a fat b-tch because we all know thats no fun. instead, look for a a girl thats just in between being to hot for the eiffel and a b-tch that looks like she got ran over by a dump truck. usually you can just see the sl-tness in your propect’s. the blondes are usually the easiest to snag because they hang around with sl-ts and wh-r-s mostly. your eiffel prospect is a potential customer or a likely candidate for the job or position. once you have found your eiffel prospect, do whatever it takes to get the job done, and when you do, slap hands with your buddy whos standing not 3 feet from you gettin his, snap that picture baby or press record on that video camera, and ride that sh-t hard because the chances of you seeing her again are slim to none. dont take rejection to heart, because there will always be another eiffel prospect around the corner.
ryan: tryin to eiffel tonight?
brian: sir, why would you ask me a rhetorical question like that?
ryan: dont even know man, just lost my head for a minute.
brian: lets start looking.
ryan: ummmmm, yep shes definetly an eiffel prospect.
brian: absolutely, no question.
ryan: what do you suppoce we say to her?
brian: will you suck me off while he smashes you from the back?
ryan: pretty blunt, but sounds good to me, doesnt look like she gets any anyways..

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