1. a member of the human species with the biggest heart out of all of the rest. kind to all. smart but doesn’t think so. so funny that one can make anyone laugh. extremely beautiful because of physicality along with inward aspects. a wise -ss in the best way possible. talented in more ways then anyone can count. non judgmental and makes the best friend. if you are lucky to be in a relationship with one you better treat them wonderful and hold on to them because they are not easily found.

2. the most wonderful and beautiful human being ever created.
you can tell by how she helped that stranger she’s an elizabeth.
the most amazing, beautiful, awesome, spectacular, gorgeous, cute, incredible, breathtakeing, wonderful, pretty, adorable, and most importantly cutifulazing girl ever.
i love elizabeth becuase ^^^
very s-xy, sweet, and innocent. cares for others and is always there for “me”. through the hard times and the good, she is always there. the one that i want to be with really bad and do not know when i will grow the b-lls to ask this gorgeous angel from heaven out
i want a girl like elizabeth
awesome! awesome awesome. awesomeness. more awesome.
omg i love elizabeth she rules at life
-has been in the top 30 girls names for over 100 years

-derived from the greek form of the hebrew name elisheva. the name of aaron’s wife in the old testament and the mother of john the baptist in the new testament. influenced by the long and successful rein of queen elizabeth i, which resulted in numerous variations. also a literary name for one of the princ-p-l characters in jane austen’s novel, “pride and prejudice.”

-queen elizabeth ii elizabeth taylor (actress) elizabeth barrett browning (poet) elizabeth hurley (actress)
are some famous elizabeth’s.

-hebrew for, my g-d is my oath
mr. bingley: but her sister elizabeth is very agreeable.

mr. darcy: barely tolerable, i dare say. but not handsome enough to tempt me. you’d better return to your partner and enjoy her smiles. you’re wasting your time with me.

charlotte lucas: count your blessings lizzie. if he liked you, you’d have to talk to him.

elizabeth bennet: precisely. as it is i wouldn’t dance with him for all of darbyshire, let alone the miserable half
an elizabeth is the ultimate woman. elegantly beautiful with energy that attracts all personalities. she possesses the ability to -n-lyze the nature of others’ personalities, as well as, her own. this deep reflection and her directness provides her with the characteristics of a loyal friend and lover. an elizabeth outrageously witty due to her high intellect, making her desirable to all s-xes.
when meeting an ideal mate for the first time, “d-mn, i’d like to tag that elizabeth!”
the queen. a woman of great power, intellectual ability, and loyalty. beautiful, comp-ssionate, and chaste. originally from hebrew “promised to g-d.”
elizabeth i of england reigned from 1558 – 1603.
the most beautiful person i know. inside and out :’)

my big sister and best friend always and forever!

i love you!
my elizabeth. shes mine!

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