screamo band that is the epitome of awesome. mixing lyrics that are both self-exploring as well as faintly spiritual, emery blasts listeners with an unusually fresh sound. their songs have a tendency to be intentionally profound, using rhythm breaks and escalating volumes to shout out a certain word or phrase. the main singer’s (toby’s) voice is deeper and much more mellow than you’d expect, but he can stretch it to pleasing heights. there’s also a screaming element that is basically background to the music and lyrics as a whole, but also captures this element of extremity that they obviously desire to show.

so far, they have two alb-ms: the weak’s end and the question. both have their share of intense songs as well as quiet, escalating songs that seem to have a little more meaning to them.

emery also throws a sweet concert, where the intensity of their music is greatly emphasized. moshers will love them.

best songs:

walls, ponytale parades, fractions, under serious attack, so cold i can see my breath, studying politics
bill: i like to divide
tod: well then you’d like fractions by emery an awesome band.
the surname of a tribe of men known to have very large genitalia. this tribe is particularly concentrated in the midwestern united states, specifically illinois. their size and sheer girth is staggering to most females.
ron: who are those kids that are stealing all our young split tail?
w brasky: oh them. they’re all emery’s. they all have c-cks the size of trolley cars. it’s unreal.
an emo but slightly screamo band on a christian label.
good songs include: walls, the secret, fractions

emery > you
g-dlike, angelic, commonly mistaken as jesus;most amazing being you will ever meet. she is totally a she; not a cross dresser, a screamo band, and does not have facial hair. if ever in the presence of an emery one must kiss her feet. emeryy rocks <3 ya!! "wow emery has a really smooth face....totally not a crossdresser" "emery reminds me of pope john paul, minus 100 years and the beard." extremely captivating guy, who could easily be mistaken as otherworldly hot. s-xy voice. sweet when he wants to be, but always enchanting. very seductive kisser. wise beyond his years, can make mothers blush and daughters melt. he was the inspiration behind the pringles slogan "once you pop, you cant stop." "wow, he's so hot, must be an emery." or "i can't get this guy out of my head! must be an emery." an incredibly muscular man containing staggering genital size and a jaw droppingly deep s-xy voice. an emery is an alpha male, someone who likes to show off his sheer dominance and powerful masculinity by flexing his muscles. christine: (walks to gym) hey sarah! abs today? sarah: yeah, 2 sets so far! christine: oh ok i think i'll do abs too......-gasp-.. sarah: what? christine: look at that guy over there, he's so s-xy and big...and is that an anaconda in his pants? sarah: wow, must be an emery! the coolest kid alive when i grow up i wanna be just like emery cause he is my hero ←

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