the most amazing girl one has ever met,
one who is extremely smart, unique, creative, athletic, and beautiful in her own non-conformist ways; one who will care no matter what…
(and has as many boys as one will ever need and doesn’t need to obsess over others that don’t know one)
“dude i met this girl, she’s definitely an emmie”
if you know anyone named emmie the keep hold of her. she is amazing in every way. so lovely, pretty, beautiful.
emmie has an amazing smile, so charming. and her eyes are goureous, sophisticated and at the same time very s-xy. she looks good in anything. a naturally skinny girl that can’t help the way she looks, it’s not her fault she’s stunning. she isn’t the sort of girl who orders a salad at a restaurant, if she’s hungry then she’ll order a propper meal so you won’t need to worry about her pinching one of your fries. there is so much more amazing stuff about her too. for some reason, she mostly goes for sporty and fit men. like footballers. and she loves people who’s names begin with a, b or c. weird but wonderful.
but to sum it all up… she’s a goddess and you must praise her.
“woah. who is she over there? she looks amazing…”

“oh. that’s emmie. she’s everyones fantasy.”

this name represents the most amazing person in the world, one who can stand by another in times of need, one who is the hottest most beautiful girl in the world, and one who can kiss better than a baby dolphin. an emmie is the one piece of the puzzle thats missing, she completes everything and makes it so much better. she dreams of 143 forever street <3. "i'm having a bad day." "i'll call emmie, she makes everything better." the most beautiful girl you could ever hope to meet. she's caring, unique, and funny. she doesn't always believe in herself and needs a little help sometimes. emmie is so amazing. she's my best friend. a psycho b-tch who obsesses over boys that don't even know she exists stop being such an emmie!!! a chubby faced, sl-tty, ugly b-tch that closely resembles a fish. "dude! i found nemo, and hes pole dancing!!" "noo, that's just emmie"

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