adj. one who is a human encyclopedia of the best p-rn websites
hey alonzo i heard you got a virus from browsing p-rn, you should go talk to jacob he is an encyclop-rnia, he knows all of the safe p-rn websites.

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  • Stationary Fuel

    another name for p-rn that you do not watch, you just look at it. (pictures) my internet was down so i had to settle for stationary fuel.

  • steafening

    the action to contining to turn up your mp3, or ipod to drown out the noise coming from a nasally co worker if you need me, im me – i have my ipod on steafening, cause he is getting on my nerves!

  • Big McSalad

    the lettuce, cheese and special sauce left behind in the box after you eat a big mac. person 1:man you gonna eat that? person 2:what person 1:your big mcsalad, the burger’s only half the meal

  • ferrari f-50

    one of 50 cent’s other nicknames. featured in a couple of his songs and in the song “you don’t know” by eminem and other artists. you know what this is.. shady.. g-unit.. aftermath.. lloyd banks.. cashis.. marshall mathers.. ferrari f-50.. the best car in the world ferrari f50

  • steakhouse

    a place of anykind where there are almost always amazing looking women man this bar over here is a real steakhouse . popular new greeting between friends starting with the word steak and emphasizing on the word house! guy 1: steakhouse! guy 2: hey man what’s up? when a person eats so much that they […]

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