pr-nunciation: e’ quol-lee yook’d tar e’ un iz-um

etymology: equally (of sameness); yoked (bonded together); ism (a

definition: v. equallyokedtarianism refers to the general movement of
peoples-a group of people, or a neighborhood, or like-minded anywhere
who are couples bond with one another-who are of the same or very
similar civil ident-ties, i.e., equal in groups such as; ethnicities,
races, colors, political memberships, religions, ages, s-xual
orientations, and marital statuses. note: liberalists maintain that it
is a movement amongst people sharing in the same spirit.

sentence: an example of a movement that depicts
‘equallyokedtarianism’ is when couples sharing the same civil
ident-ty and spirit; for example, two caucasians (multicultural civil
ident-ties), about the same age, date and marry one another-each of
them are both: tea party members, christians, and heteros-xuals who
were born and raised as americans.

submitted by: john e johnson

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