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urban dictionary: show him wag1

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  • Ewoking

    “ewoking” (backslide or moonwalk) is a portmanteau word that combines the word “ewok” with the word “moonwalk”. it is a dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward while a performer is dressed in the costume suit of an ewok. it became popular around the world […]

  • exam hero

    someone that does a lot of exams in a short period of time by cramming and not sleeping wow look at chris go, tanking ece231 like an exam hero noun: someone that tank and own exams like a hero. d-mn did you see alex? he is an exam hero

  • co-rad

    any two ent-ties (person, place, or thing) that together are equally rad, radical, dank, awesome, sick, or b-tchin. carlyn and marie were so co-rad last night. andy and leah are so co-rad.

  • shping

    happyness in confusion when someone is talking to you and you act like you know whats going on, yet, when they say somethign you need to respond to you jsut look up and smile…and sometimes you say shping, its cheerful, and actually understood sometimes fun to randomly shout ex1:person:hey, didnt you want to see our […]

  • punk-assedness

    the actual act of an individual who displays punk–ss behavior. the idiot on our team is displaying his punk–ssedness.

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