happyness in confusion

when someone is talking to you and you act like you know whats going on, yet, when they say somethign you need to respond to you jsut look up and smile…and sometimes you say shping, its cheerful, and actually understood sometimes
fun to randomly shout
ex1:person:hey, didnt you want to see our band practice sometime
me: uh..ya…. ::drifts off::
person: ya, so when do you think….h-llo…ally….hey…hey!!!
::snaps fingers in my face::
me: ::perks up:: shping?!?! 🙂
person: shping!!! x)

ex2: weird crazy smart person: dlfjioesrilagopsngkusserl’af-9ew095rsjfs
me: ::thinks to self….wtf…:: confused:….shping?
weird crazy smart person: ??????
ex3: ::i run down hallway stupidly:: shping!!!!!

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