a p-ssage or segment taken from a book, film, ect. to give the reader or watcher a taste of the product.
an excerpt from a book may be offered over a website, to excite the reader into buying the book.

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  • donar

    a donar is scottish slang for a walk, for some reason. iam going for a donar

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    wigger- wanna be black man. thinks he is cool but is not. uses words such as f-ggot, b-tch,big don dodda – extent of vocabulary. has an internet complex similar to little man syndrome. thinks he is smart and a bad-ss when in reality he is nothing but a geek with a keyboard. can be recognized […]

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    to coast (chill/do an activity) as a duo (dos=spanish version of the number two). person 1: yo garret, you wanna dos coast to express garret: nah i dont want to work out with u cause im a p-ssy.

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