extermination allowance

allocating funds to destroy the life of an individual. using money, connections, manpower, and knowledge of any weakness to ruin someone. the more resources at your disposal the more elaborate the plan can be to destroy a life. teamwork and dedication to the cause also plays a part, facing blatant cruelty and being severely outnumbered will cause a single person to feel hopeless and afraid. how the money is spent depends upon several factors. how cruel is the life ruiner? is he willing to break the law or exploit any vulnerabilities the intended victim may have? cutting off any support system that the victim has, turning family and friends against him so he will be alone in his suffering. psychologically torturing him to the point that you crush his confidence and kill his self esteem will cause his life to be miserable and leave him with no hope of recovering.
the higher your extermination allowance, the more pain and suffering you can cause.

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