someone who is attracted to horses s-xually
danny is hors-xual

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  • p*ssy poet

    an individual so verbally and/or orally gifted that they can make a p-ssy explode by merely speaking to it. mick was so godd-mn smooth while talking with that blonde that after he left i heard her asking a janitor for a mop. he’s a true p-ssy poet.

  • wash the windows

    the act of -j-c-l-t-ng in such a quant-ty, that it gets all over the windows and walls of your bedroom. sorry baby, i didn’t want to wash the windows.

  • l*sterious

    your dreams , and your fantasies have you heard about my l-sterious

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  • dolphin nanner

    the dolphin nanner is the act of a man acquiring eye contact with another man while taking a bite of a banana (which is taboo amongst some circles), even while the victim suspects he may be attempting eye contact. in order to successfully pull off a dolphin nanner, your whereabouts must be -ssumed (such as […]

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