an ideology that declares human beings are the primary cause of worldwide disruption to the biosphere, and other life: animal – oceanic – plant. the ideology also argues for the gradual self-extinction of h-m- sapiens, thereby enabling the living earth (gaia philosophy) to restore itself to a natural state.
extinctionism and altruism are synonymous words to extinctionists.

“we know that a man can read goethe or rilke in the evening, that he can play bach and schubert—and go to his day’s work at auschwitz in the morning.”
the political idea held by many radicals within organizations like peta and green peace that we need to work for the end of the human race. the steady attrition of humanity. the world returns to a state of nature, the balance returns.
typical elements of the extinctionism agenda include regulated family size, maximum birth control, maximum abortion; easy access to painless death for all who want out and veganism in the meantime. paradise is achieved. no more human dreams. no more art or poetry. no faith, hope or love, just an environmental laboratory without scientists.

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