fact deprivation disorder


fact deprivation disorder(fdd) is disorder commonly found among sheltered first world peoples, typically, but not exclusively, from ages 12-30. the disorder is characterized as having a world view so saturated by safe-sp-ce circle jerking, poorly researched statistics, confirmation bias, over-reliance on media, and over-used meaningless rhetoric, that it never occurs to them in the slightest that their entire world view is built upon fallacies and an utter lack of basic facts or truth.

behaviors caused by fdd are often demonstrated in the form of horrifying lack of understanding any group characterized by hereditary traits that does not match their group, excessive use of the fundamental attribution error, illusions of grandeur that cause them to feel that they can speak for entire sections of the populace based on only their own feelings, and an over-abundance of victim mentality and/or a persecution complex.

fdd is infrequently a precursor to actual mental health illnesses, such as complexes mentioned above, m-ss hysteria, gender dysphoria, and even full-blown schizophrenia such as the famous case of lena kochman. however, in the process of deciphering fdd, those with the disorder are so unreasonable and ent-tled that it is incredibly difficult to distinguish them from mentally ill peoples that desperately need medical treatment or psychological therapy.
continually using the same statistic over and over again instead of making a point, regardless of whether or not the statistic is accurate, and continually repeating the same rhetoric is a flag that the speaker may be suffering from fact deprivation disorder. another flag is outright hostility to anyone who enters their safe sp-ce while not meeting the standards the fdd suffers set for it.

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