another word for a “f-ggot”.
“man, that michael is such a f-ggol!”

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  • handsomeness

    to be handsomer than others. hotness. his handsomeness astounded me.

  • Far Crying

    when someone is b-tching or crying over something stupid and that person loves the game far cry 2 six: c’mon man! that’s bullsh-t he’s just a newb using the host shotgun me: six stop far crying! six: gore im going to slapped you so hard if you keep saying that! me: you’re far crying six:f-ck […]

  • Handsomepants

    the way to describe a man who is so very handsome and has such a terrfic b-tt, you cannot help but want to get into his pants. ie. “check out that bloke over there! he is such a handsomepants” tight pants worn by metro s-xuals. term given after landing a sweet trick while snowboarding word […]

  • Hangxiety

    the feeling of overwhelming guilt, stress, and worry you experience the day after a drinking binge. hang-over anxiety. hangxiety! f-ck. i may or may not have done a two man conga line through the church of scientology last night. i’ve got the worst hangxiety. f-ck! a combination of being hung over and having anxiety. not […]

  • man furnace

    the t-st-cl-s, vas deferens or any part of the male genitalia that produces s-m-n. would you like some hot j-zzum from my man furnace?

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