she was playing with her falangies

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  • fallumpeling

    when someone writes an autobiography and lies in it to make them look better. girl: wow. i never knew steve jobs was such a nice person until i read his autobiographical journal. guy: oh he was just fallumpeling. none of that stuff was true.

  • fanduel

    not to be confused with a very common other fantasy game, draftkings, but this is a very exact copy of the fantasy league draft kings. only the name was changed. “hey did you hear i made $2m yesterday on draft kings?” “oh yeah! fanduel is awesome, i love it!”

  • fast hands

    someone who can jerk his d-ck off at extreme speeds emma: wow u jerk so fast with your lefty george: yeah, because i got those fast hands buddy

  • fedorkable

    someone who is a dork, wears a fedora and is adorable. if not a dork fedorable patrick stump is so freaking fedorkable!!! via giphy

  • finje

    regionalism pentru cana. vas cu toartă care servește pentru a bea sau a scoate lichide dintr-un vas mai mare. adu-mi o finje de apa.

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