ok, let’s set the record straight. “fatima” does not mean “fat”. “fatima” is a name given to some of the most beautiful and nicest girls that you’ll ever meet!
yay fatima!
fatima is a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. she has an hourgl-ss figure, she has a nice tan color & she super s-xyy. she has a big b-tt & big t-tties & s-xy legs. fatima is the most beautiful girl that you will ever meet! she is innocent at first but after a while you learn that she’s super kinky. and she is not afraid of trying new things. but also regardless of her kinkyness, she is the kind of person to have a long relationship with, she is the kind of girl that you would want to become your wife. she is faithful all the way. she’s the girl that you would want to spend the rest of your life with.
boy 1: “man that girl fatima is fineeeee!!”

boy 2: “yeah i wish she was my girlfriend.”

boy 2’s girlfriend: “uhh!! i cant believe you! and the rest of these guys! what is it about her that makes guys drool? i want what she has!”

boy 3: “you’ll never compare to fatima!”

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