fō’līt adj.

fake politeness, usually displayed in public settings. people who are fauxlite are perceived to be very sweet and innocent by their casual friends, but can be devious, manipulative and mean. a fauxlite person’s true colors only shine through by accident, or are demonstrated to those in their circle of trust — a.k.a. their family. also, those who see through this facade are coldly received by the fauxliter. –friends rarely, if ever, believe that a fauxliter could ever be anything but nice and kind.–

fauxliters are often martyrs who decline any offer of help/-ssistance (so as not to impose), laugh really loud and overzealously at jokes, buy/make random gifts, and say yes to almost anything their friends ask of them.
mich-lle: my mom is such a jerk. she called me a thief and a liar and was yelling at me on the phone today.

gary: no way! your mom is so nice! she baked me a cake for no reason. she would never say those things!

mich-lle: oh please! she is so fauxlite it makes me want to vomit. you just don’t see it because you’re not related to her.

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