short word for f-ck boy
ibraheem is a fboy

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  • fish gape

    the new duck face; where you shape your mouth like a fish. “hey let’s take a selfie!” -fish gape- the combination of squinching, head tilting, and pursed lips. it is derived from duck lips and typically used by the basic b-tch-s of the world. can often be misconstrued as a female with a sinus infection, […]

  • fleekmeister

    n. (1) one who has mastered the art of being “on fleek”. (2) an individual who oversees a flock of followers who are “on fleek”. the fleekmeister is coming to bestow upon us good tidings and wisdom from on high. all hail the fleekmeister!

  • flipped a rat

    getting incredibly high and doing something stupid; the new way of saying “tripping b-lls” sounds best when said while impersonating george lopez yo, i flipped a rat last night!

  • fresh off the fence

    being recently released from prison. man, you are not ready to settled down because you are fresh off the fence.

  • frosty dog

    when a guy isn’t circ-mcised and he c-ms inside the foreskin and when he pulls it back it resembles frosting. so i was f-ck-ng this girl last night and i went to c-m on her face and i got a frosty dog. s-x c-m uncirc-mcised

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