feb 25

d-ck day
hey it’s d-ck day bruh
what’s d-ck day
feb 25

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  • peanut b*tter top deck

    a group of friends, usually a trio representing black, coloured and white people. a common phrase in south africa to describe a multi-cultural group of friends. the phrase is made up as a top deck is a common chocolate bar with brown bottom and white (or milk) chocoate on top. the peanut b-tter represents the […]

  • glock d*ck

    usually -ssisted by drinking or doing cocaine, the act of having s-x with a girl more than 30 times in one night jack got glock d-ck and f-cked jill 78 times!

  • well lit

    when your friend is extra lit. ex. so stoned you cant tell theyre awake, so drunk they cant speak. jeremy peed in my closet again last night, he was well lit.

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    an old rich lady at ski resort who prays on you ski dudes. that rich -ss hill hag just bought me dinner at the lodge and blew my at her husbands villa.

  • louiseanne

    an amazing and beautiful woman. kind, caring and always looking out for her friends. louiseannes make amazing friends and girlfriends and if you’re lucky to be with one then you should count yourself lucky to have found the perfect woman, inside and out. that guy is lucky, he has a louiseanne.

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