fickle finger of fate

1. an unseen and unforseeable force that controls the direction of all living things

2. the fickle nature of the universe and how it seems to bestow bad luck on some people more than others

3. a series of very unlucky or unfortunate events
did you hear about what happened with joe? he lost his job last week, wrecked his car, and got mugged last night. poor guy must have been touched by the fickle finger of fate.

screw the fickle finger of fate! i will get this promotion or else!
a s-xual move done between a recently married couple. the man takes his middle and index fingers and shoves them deeply into the womans v-g-n- with brute force. he then widens his fingers as wide as he can. it should then cause great alarm and great pleasure to his recent wife. if she screams in pain and agony then they will not last forever. made famous by one named harvey green
“congrats on the marriage man. you think you will last forever?” “dude on our honeymoon i gave her the fickle finger of fate. she loved every second of it. we are lasting forever.”

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