never getting your prize from club live.
a word used to f-ck with noobs.
i botted with ichc on club live and now i’m flagged and won’t get my mother f-cking prize! fml.

am i flagged if i got an error while using cbx?

yes you’re f-cking flagged.
someone is banned from doing something.
“he had too much to drink. he is flagged”
to be “banned” from club bing–
your account botted is unusable!
seatbelt99:hey, am i flagged from ichc, you f-ck up??
fatalis:yes, i am a screw up, im sooo sorry.fml

_ __ _ _ __ _

ice:does f-ckin cbx flag?
hobdiddy: no, its an awesome bot, but be sure your computer can handle my s-xy programs!
never getting your prize from clubbing.com
account and address being blacklisted
i ordered exactly 30 days ago and no shipping email, i’m flagged!

am i flagged, i used super fast chicken?

does cldl flag?

am i flagged if i used an address trick?

if i use the same name to a different address will i get flagged?

yes, you’re flagged mother f-cker.

omggg ohhnoooes. i’m flagged!!!
when one takes a book into the bathroom while taking a sh-t and reads it (ex: that one episode of seinfield)
man, i must have taken the longest sh-t in the world last night. luckily, i had moby d-ck in there with me. it’s just too bad i flagged it.
what immature perverts and jealous attention wh-r-s do when they’re mad because they were not shown feet, or do not have enough viewers.
“my channel was flagged because i didn’t show that pervert my feet.”

“i flagged this b-tch cuz she has more viewers than me. hopefully it will bring more people to my channel.”

some to be very s-xual or dirty, something young and innocent people shouldn’t be hearing about.
“that movie was h-ll flagged, it had p-rn all over it”

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