when your jean legs are above your ankles, or higher than they should be.
did you see that dude’s pants? he was flooding!
used in instant-messaging chatrooms by people who want to disrupt the chat, and possibly cause the room to malfunction. the same message is sent over and over again at a rapid speed. this is usually achieved by copying a message and then pasting it/hitting enter as fast as possible. the message is usually very long and offensive, but sometimes comprises of just 1 character.

commonly used in “chatroom wars” on chat servers such as www.oaserv.co.uk and msn chat.
those f-cks from “-thee-olde-brothel-” are flooding our room again. you should’ve never insulted their leader.
peeing underneath the stall door while someone is in there taking a dump
i was mad at my friend, so flooding him while he was on the toilet seemed like a great idea
the action of licking any overflowed s-m-n off the surface after -n-l intercourse.
this girl was so freaky last night she made me start flooding her.
to -j-c-l-t- (c-m) in a woman or a man with out protection, and have it leak out.
greg: ‘omg, i blow in that chick so much, i was flooding her’

bill: ‘im going to flood you b-tch’

phil: ‘dam i f-cking pounded that guy last night, and then i flooded his -ss’

flooding is when your having -n-l and while your d-cks still in her -ss u p-ss so it then “floods” out of her -ss
i gunna try flooding with my girl

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