For Sparta

when attempting to commit an act of awesomness a person can shout this for extra emphasis.

can also mean extreme happiness and awesomeness
ex. 1yo ima kill you n-gg-, for sparta son!!!!

ex. 2 happy birthday billay
for sparta!

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    shouting abuse, a popular game in cars taking adolescent boys to rugby, is a game where someone in the car opens their window and shouts “abuse” very loudly at someone walking past. extra points for making them scream. driver: “look! there’s someone, start shouting abuse” p-ssenger: “abuse!!!!!!”

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    this is when your so fed up with hobos askin for change, you cup your coppers in your hand and round house slap the filthy b-st-rd. if you ask me for change one more time im gona shrapnal slap you so hard.

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