the act of misrepresenting yourself, for the sole purpose of getting laid.
the whole evening was foreploy, the d-ckhead only wanted to “hit it”.
any lie or fib you might tell about yourself in order to get laid.
at the party, i had foreploy with her when i told her about my ability to lick my eyebrows.
any misrepresentation about yourself for the pupose of getting laid
one of the winners in the washington post’s style invitational – words altered by adding, subtracting, or changing only one letter and supplying a new definition
any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.
woman: you are so, like, full of foreploy!
any misrepresentation of yourself for the sole purpose of getting laid
tom always tells chicks he likes long walks. but he only uses that as a foreploy so he can get some.
on a golf course, a shouted warning of a ball in motion (true or not) that has an ulterior motive, such as stealing nearby golf equipment.
“fore!” yelled golfer wiley at the players ahead of him on the 18th fairway. but after he hit his ball, he sped off in the other direction, hoping his foreploy would divert attention from the set of golf clubs he had just stolen.
(n) the process of learning enough about the other person to determine if you want to get to know them better and develop the relationship beyond being casual acquaintances. it need not be s-xual in nature.

this may include exchanging the initial starting lines, introductions to others by mutual friends, extended chat on multiple subjects, focused chat on specific topics, and exchanging e-mails. it may also include picking up clues and cues regarding the needs, fantasies and desires of the other person garnered from these contacts. foreploy does not include foreplay but may lead to that. the line between the two is blurred.
the foreploy continued with both bill and shelia aware that this chance encounter on the train could lead to something much more permanent down the road. or

dwanye decided to start the foreploy with margaret with “howdy, i saw you from across the room. you are the most beautiful woman in the room.” or

sweetia was in cl-ss next to bill. she started the foreploy by asking him how he felt about the article they had read for cl-ss.

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