forest floor

timelessly brilliant with a nostalgic yet edgy twist and a primordial soul shaking vibe.

the term originated in the 1980s when many night clubs and discotheques began to employ synthetic flooring, as opposed to the cl-ssic wood, which everyone knew made a much better d floor. people reacted bitterly, clinging to the vestiges of wooden flooring that symbolised the last decades of proper dancing in clubs. like apes imprisoned in a concrete jungle, they craved their native wooded climes and the comforting feel of their calloused feet rhythmically pounding the lush forest floor.

the term has now experienced a resurgence in both hipster and mainstream counterculture, proving to be surprisingly versatile.
‘say mohammed, have you seen that gal deirdre? ‘

‘have i ever charles! she is fine on the forest floor!’

‘helga! can you p-ss me that marsupial?’
‘sure thing gunther, here you are on the forest floor’

‘this is the best day of my life on the forest floor!’

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