the smell between a man’s -ss hole and b-lls. some cases are worse then others. said to be the one of the most horrific smells known to man.
person 1: “man, i have an awful case of foy at the moment. my girlfriend says its worse than ever!”

person 2: “yeah man, i know that feel. i smelt a whole lot of foy from “down there’ last night in bed.”

person 1: “it really is the worst smell.”
foy is actually a term for the smell that acc-mulates between a mans b-lls and his -rs-hole, as in gringo’s -rs- and foy smell. it is an unusual musty smell that is surprisingly hard to rid despite a decent personal hygiene regime. often -ssociated with physical activity and sport.
jesus man! ive got a terrible case of foy!
acronym: f-ck off, you spur(s)!

used mainly by -rs-nal and west ham fans in the premier league. while they both have acronyms to support their team (coyg and coyh, which both mean “come on you gunners/hammers!”), this is used against tottenham hotspur, both teams’ main rivals.
gooner: yeah! gunners beat spurs 1-0!
spur supporter: we’re still going to beat you in the league.
gooner: oh, foys!
hammer: yeah, seriously. foys.
short for f-ck off you sl-t
shank dogg went into a brothel and told the hooker to foys
(verb) to play jazz music, and generally chill out with cool cats in a dilapidated house. only the coolest of the cool can truly foy.
“who foys for us? let’s rock this joint!”
fresh of the yacht. a rich fob (fresh of the boat) immigrant.
his rich dad sent him to the states to study english. he’s such a foy.
in ireland (especially as dublin slang) ‘foy’ means methadone.
i.e.; did you take your foy this morning?

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