(n.)the combination of awesome+legendary+epic=awgendic
only to be said in the most “awgendic” of occasions and not over used because its been know to make people(‘s):


have animal-like s-x
have s-x with animals

panties instantly fly off
show their bewbs
exist in different deminsions
control time

turn into pure energy like the sun
cure aids and hungry at the same time
instant zillionares
play with their jibblets
phase in and out of existence
become jedi
chuck norris is breaks a sweat while saying, “…awgendic…”

dude 1: “mayne that movie was so f-cking awgendic”
dude 2: “i concure”

girl 1: “moments with him are awgendic”
girl 2: “so thats why your pregnant”

the kimbo slice and brock lesner fight will be awgendic

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