a half-ssed hand job where the girl leaves before the guy can finish.
she wasn’t really into him so she just gave him a franjob.
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extremely painful handjob and/or bl-wj-b administered by a southampton resident. often in return for drugs.
wow. that bald guy just gave that girl drugs for a franjob.
a half handjob, half bl-wj-b given by a mythical creature ( caused by the aftermath of the atomic bomb on nagasaski, j-pan. usually accompanied by hot friends.
last night i received a franjob, i am honestly speechless.
a s-xual act recieved in return for 50p.
these acts are often described as painful but strangely satisfying.
not prost-tution, but frost-tution.
have you got 50p? i’m gona go get a franjob

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