franklinton is a small suburb just west of downtown columbus. nicknamed the bottoms in relation to the amount gay white trash activity that takes place behind the old milos cafe. on any given weekday you can find the streets full of shirtless meth heads with deltoid tats of the hottest street rapper dusty aka misery, which is ironic because that is how you feel when you are forced to listen to him at rehab tavern just tryna pick up one of the local street walkers. unfortunately most of the women will only pretend to be interested in you to make a $ in hopes of being able to buy back some of the teeth they had to give to their baby daddy chez as down payment on back child support. popular spot to find the infamous german sausage mongler gregory, window shopping for frosted tips hair dye. nice place to sit on a 5 gallon bucket around a trash can fire and count stray cats. on the weekends the locals like to upgrade their trash can fires to felony arson of the many slumlord owned houses in the area usually lit with the gasoline siphoned out of the ran down milos catering vans. if you find yourself looking for a bite to eat you can swing by the cafe and get your hands on some fresh 8 day old potato salad. if your lucky, while you eat you may just get the opportunity to be stabbed with a carrot stick by chef boli. if that type of entertainment doesnt get you going you can always head over to the sh-ll gas station and get in on a riviting game of russian heroin needle roulette.
“siri, where is a good place to get herpes and drugs”

“obtaining directions to franklinton”

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