fraser copland

a fraser copland refers to a specific breed of weeaboos. a fraser copland often enjoys things like scrolling through his or her hentai collection during cl-ss, masturbating during cl-ss, and proclaiming how they are superior to everyone else because they got kicked out of private school. many fraser copland’s also have an affinity for warming up and cooling down.

if you encounter a fraser copland you should:
1. make a .gif
2. run
3. kill yourself because it’s too late
wow that guy is a total fraser

i think my brother might be a fraser copland… i’ve attempted suicide twice

i have a hentai collection and i proudly call myself a coplander
fraser copland started out as a regular human like most of us. after he discovered the secrets of warm-up moves like the “s-x god” he ascended to his true form as a s-x deity. he now spends his days roaming the earth, finding virgins to free. he has made a tutorial on how to ascend to the level of s-x god but not s-x deity (to preserve his rule over the mortal realm). if you do see fraser and you are a virgin you will be promptly purified and raped. in fraser we trust.
thank fraser copland for the s-x i am about to have

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