unique but beautiful, wild- hearted, fun, and free spirited. everybody loves her because of her outlook on life. acts s-ssy but is sweet and has many high morals. if you find a fredricka, stay with her. she is the most unforgettable person that will make you fall head over heals without even knowing it.
did you meet the new girl, fredricka? she’s so cool!

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    when an object or person is f-cked up it can be said to have been f-ckafied. this drawing i am working on is f-ckafied.

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    insult. used to infer that a person is such a colossal wh-r- that they are inundated with the products of intercourse, or “drenched in f-ck.” “listen here you f-ck-drenched c-ck-donkey, i’m not gonna take anymore of your sh-t!”

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    to suck d-ck or to give head that b-tch give mad head wop to receive oral s-x from a female “that shorty got on her knees and gave me some amazing headwops.”

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