a guy usually of dominican/hispanic descent and proud. he has been through a lot but still seems to always make time to help other people with their problems even if they’ve hurt him. if you find a frenyi, keep him. he is one of the most loyal friends and boyfriends you could have ever have. his laugh is contagious and always fills the room. he is the jealous type and is very protective of his girlfriends, family, and friends in general. don’t get on his bad side because it will be hard to get him back. almost never has a girlfriend because they always backstab him. he seems always forgive them anyway. he doesn’t let trouble get to him. he has goals and wont stop til he reaches them. he comes alive with music and sports. overall, frenyi is a blessing and very handsome with great swag and s-x appeal. he won’t change for anyone and you should be glad about it. you’re welcome. oh and he has random talents that will surprise you and make you crack up. so be careful.
unloyal girl: whyd he block me?
friend: oh, cause he’s a frenyi

friend: yooo, come to church with me?
frenyi: nahhh, i have softball
friend: but its raining
frenyi: yeah but we have to walk the dog

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